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 “Alabama Black Snakes” was born on the bayou of the Danish outskirts; the true country-side in the South of Scandinavia, in the depraved middle of Zealand, inhabited by drunks and desperados.

In the midst of this hillbilly-country surrounded by slugs and pine-forests, the four founding members and life-long accomplices; Louisiana Slim, Cottonball Red, Cajun Louis and Alligator Jones decided to form a band that would drag them out of the jerkwater and into the sacred halls of Rock n’ Roll.      

With a common passion for real music, played by real people on stolen instruments, the four black snakes embarked on a historical weekend of mischievous conduct, booze and amplified music, which resulted in the 2011 full-length debut-album, “Rhythm n’ Loose”, produced and recorded by the black snakes themselves. A long the way, the band was joined by the old and scruffy blues-harp-player, Hank Lee Tuffer, who soon became a known fellonist in Alabama Black Snakes’ live-shows that during 2011 became infamous for their energy, recklessness and alcohol consumption.   

The Black Snakes suddenly found themselves on stages all over the countryside, and even got an interview and airtime on The Danish National Radio, where the legendary Danish Radio-Host, Carsten Holm proclaimed Alabama Black Snakes to be one of the most exciting new artists of 2011.    

In Christmas 2011, Alabama Black Snakes decided that it was time to revitalize an unholy genre, the Christmas song. For the first time in their short career, the black snakes wrote and directed a music-video for the song “Merry Fucking Christmas” and the video with its universal bromance- and hunting-theme, starring friend and featuring artist, Texas “Howdy” Holmes, became a minor viral-hit. Again, this resulted in air-play and attention. 

For the most part of 2012 Alabama Black Snakes were playing every place with a power-plug, but decided in the second part of 2012 to shut down the life on the road and instead concentrate on writing new material for their second album. At the same time, to earn enough money for recording, production and merchandise the band had a lucrative side-business as a wedding-band – touring the countryside with their favorite 60’s and 70’s hit music.

In the moist summer of 2012, Alabama Black Snakes set up a studio in an abandoned barn, close to the founding members’ birth-place, and a week full of excessive consumption of spirits and canned-food led to the sweat dripping and delirious second full-length album, “SHAKE IT LIKE THE LORD AIN’T WATCHING”.

The album, which features 9 haunting songs about life in the outskirts and the adventures of the band in a time of regression and abundances of doomsday-signs, will be released on the 13th of April and will result in a lot of activity and roguish behavior from the Snakes’ hands.

You have been warned.